Who submits my payments?

Understanding each person’s role in the payment process

The Jobbler (That’s You!)

You are responsible for using the Jobble app, and any physical timesheet onsite, to check in and check out of every shift you are hired to work. Each time you check in and out, you submit your time and also location. This is a required action for payment. You should make sure to check if the on-site manager has any timesheets or papers to sign at the beginning and end of your shift.

Your Hiring Manager

Our business partners have a hiring manager who posts jobs, reviews applicants, makes hiring decisions, reviews timesheets, and submits payments. The hiring manager works alongside our Payment Team to verify that check in and check out information from your Jobble app matches any timesheets they have Jobblers sign on site.

A hiring manager may be on-site and ask you to sign a timesheet. If they ask you to do this, you are still responsible for checking in and out on the Jobble app.

The Jobble Support & Payment Team

If you have questions or concerns regarding payment, you can review the Jobbler Resource Center. If you aren't able to find an answer to your question, please contact the Jobble Support team by emailing community@jobble.com

The Support team will ask you about the shift you are seeking payment for and can help you understand where that shift is in the payment process.

Remember - our business partners are expected to initiate payment for jobs within 7 business days (weekdays) of the last scheduled shift of the job.

If your payment is late or wrong, the Support team will ask you to submit a Payment Discrepancy Form. This form has all of your shift information and will be submitted to the Jobble Payment team. The Payment team works with the Hiring Manager to understand if a mistake or delay has occurred. The Support team will then give you updates or the final decision.

Note: As each company's hiring manager is responsible for reviewing and submitting your payment, they can be an excellent first point of contact if you're having a payment issue. If the hiring manager isn't able to help you resolve the payment discrepancy, we encourage you to contact the Jobble Support team.