When will I see funds in my account?

When to expect payments and what to do if you don't see them Remember: Our hiring partners are expected to initiate payment for jobs within 7 business days (weekdays) of the last scheduled shift on the job.

Payment Initiation Date

This is the date you are notified that funds are being sent to your account.

Whenever a payment is initiated to your account, you will receive an email titled: "Payment Update: Cha-ching, A Payment Has Been Submitted To Your Account!" That email will have details for the shift you completed as well as the amount you were paid for.

You will also see updated information in the Payment section of your app: 

Estimated Deposit Date

This is the date you can expect to see the funds in your account.

It is important to notice that the app will show you the Estimated Deposit Date. This date is different from the Payment Initiation Date.

The difference between the Payment Initiation Date and the Estimated Deposit Date relies on various factors: the employers' bank, your bank, payment type, what day of the week your payment was submitted, and upcoming holidays.

Most payments are fully processed and deposited into your account within 2 to 7 business days. If you receive notification that payment has been initiated but do not see it in your account after 7 business days, there may be a banking error preventing you from receiving your money.

Payment Failed

What to do if you received an email saying payment was initiated, but you do not see the money in your account after 7 business days.

If you received email titled: "Payment Update: Cha-ching, A Payment Has Been Submitted To Your Account!" but do not see the payment in your account, there may be an issue with your banking information on the app.

Check the Jobble app and check to make sure:

  1. You have entered the correct account or routing number. (It is important to note that you cannot input your debit or credit card number in the account or routing number field.) (How to Update Bank Info)

  2. You have input your full legal name and social security number correctly.

If you have checked both of these steps, reach out to the Jobble Support team by emailing community@jobble.com