What's the difference between Withdrawing and Quitting?


Withdrawing is the action of removing your job application from the applicant pool. Once you’ve applied, you can withdraw your application at any time before the hiring manager makes a decision. Withdrawing does not affect your Jobbler rating.

To withdraw a pending application:

  • Launch the Jobble app

  • Navigate to the “Application Status” screen

  • Under “Pending” select the job application you would like to withdraw

  • Select “Withdraw”


Quitting is the action you must take if you have been hired for a job and no longer want to work the job. Once you’ve been hired, you are expected to show and work your shift. However, we do understand that things may come up where you aren’t able to commit to the job. 

To quit a Jobble:

  • Launch the Jobble app

  • Navigate to the the "Shift Confirmations" page

  • Select "Decline All"

  • Select “Quit” and then confirm that you do want to quit by selecting "Yes."