First-time Jobbler? Here's what you need to know before your shift

Your first Jobbler shift: what you need to know.

Congratulations on being hired for your new job as a Jobbler! Before you start your first shift, it's important to plan your travel to the job site. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you arrive on time and ready to work.


Planning Your Travel to the Job Site

To plan your travel to the job site, start by accessing the Jobble Details section of your assigned job and clicking on "View Location" to open a map and obtain directions. Make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before each shift to allow ample time for parking, locating your hiring manager, and checking in.


Checking In and Out of Your Job

As a Jobbler, checking in and out are critical steps to ensure timely payment and accurate records. Here are some tips to help you with this process:

  1. Enable location services: It's important to keep your location services on while using the Jobble app. This allows us to verify that you are onsite at the correct time.

  2. Checking In: You can check in 15 minutes before your shift starts, either by tapping the "Check In" button in the Job Status screen or by responding to the push notification you'll receive.

  3. Checking Out: When you finish your shift, be sure to "Check Out" in the app. Your manager will receive a time and location stamp to confirm that you were present. Remember that you don't need to take any action for breaks – just check out at the end of your shift.

  4. Physical Timesheet: While checking in and out on the app is crucial, it's also recommended to sign a physical timesheet with your onsite manager. This can serve as an additional verification of your hours worked.

Remember, turning off location services can delay payment and make it harder to confirm that you were onsite. So, keep your location services on while using the Jobble app.

Checking in and out using the Jobble app is crucial for you as a worker. It allows you to submit your time and location for every shift you are hired to work. This information is essential as it is used by the hiring manager to review timesheets and process payment accurately. Therefore, checking in and out using the Jobble app ensures that you get paid for the hours you have worked.


What if I can't Check In or Out on the App?

If you encounter any issues during the ‘Check In’ or ‘Check Out’ process on the Jobble app, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your work hours are properly recorded. Firstly, make sure to keep your own record of the time you started and completed your work, and confirm your times with the onsite manager. Additionally, take a photo of any onsite timesheets as proof of your work hours.

If you forgot to ‘Check In’ or ‘Check Out’ on the app, open your Jobble app and navigate to the "Job Status" tab. Then, select the job you just worked from the Active Jobs section. From there, you can access the date and hours of the shift you were scheduled for under ‘Time Card’. If you were unable to ‘Check In’ or ‘Check Out’ of the shift on the app, click the green document icon on the right to open your ‘Shift Note’. Here you can leave a note to the hiring manager with the hours you worked and that you were unable to ‘Check In’ or ‘Check Out’.

It's important to note that failing to Check In or Check Out on the Jobble app, and failing to leave a note, may result in a payment delay or an incorrect payment. If you believe that you are experiencing a payment delay or an incorrect payment amount, you can reach out to Support at to see if you're eligible to fill out an expedited payment request.


Payment Questions

The hiring manager of each company is responsible for multiple tasks, including making hiring decisions, approving applicants, reviewing timesheets, and submitting payments.

Direct deposits are made within seven business days of the job's end, and it can take up to two to five business days for the funds to appear in your bank account. To avoid payment delays, ensure that you have a valid payment method attached to your Jobble account. If you experience a payment delay or receive an incorrect payment, contact Support at

Payments are processed through direct deposit and are usually submitted within 7 business days after the completion of your job. To avoid payment delays, it is important to have a valid payment method linked to your Jobble account. After the hiring manager has submitted your payment, it may take 2-5 business days for the funds to be deposited into your bank account.  If you have not received a payment or if the payment amount is incorrect, first contact your onsite manager as they have the most current information and can provide a speedy resolution. If they are unable to assist you, please send an email to and the Jobble team will assist you further.

Additional FAQs

How do I Confirm My Availability for a Job?

As a Jobbler, you are responsible for confirming each shift you are available to work. This ensures that the hiring manager is aware of your commitment to the job. If you forget to confirm, you will receive a reminder 3-days before the start of the shift. Failure to confirm or decline a shift will result in automatic removal from the job. Declining too many shifts can also lead to being removed from the job. If you know that you can work all of your shifts, you can bulk confirm all or confirm each shift individually. However, if your availability changes and you can no longer work, you can bulk decline all or decline each shift individually.

How Can I Change My Response?

If you need to change your response, you can do so in the 'Active Jobs' tab of your Jobble account. If you decline a shift, you are notifying the manager that you cannot work. However, changing your status too close to the start time does not provide enough notice to the hiring manager and can impact your future employment opportunities. Once a shift has started, you can no longer change your response and will be marked as a 'No-Show' by the onsite manager.


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