If I’m having trouble with Check In or Check Out, what do I do?

Why is Check In and Check Out important?

You are responsible for using the Jobble app to check in and check out of every shift you are hired to work. Each time you check in and out, you submit your time and also location. This is important because this information is referenced when the hiring manager reviews timesheets for payment.

What if I can't Check In or Check Out on the app?

If you are encountering any issues during the Check In or Check Out process, first make sure you keep your own record of the time you started and completed your work.

Next, open your Jobble app. Navigate to the second tab, titled "Job Status." Then, under the Active Jobs section, click on the job you just worked.

You should be able to view the job and see an option that is titled "Time Card." When you click this, you should see the date and hours of the shift you were scheduled for. If you forgot to Check In or Check Out on the app, click the green icon on the far right that looks like a document.

This will open a window that says "Shift Note". Here you can leave a note that will be seen by the hiring manager. Include the hours you worked and explain that you were unable to Check In or Check Out for that shift.

Failure to Check In or Check Out on the Jobble app, and failure to leave a note, may result in a payment delay or an incorrect payment. Checking in and out via the Jobble app is a requirement to working and getting paid through Jobble. If you believe you are experiencing a payment delay or an incorrect payment amount, file a discrepancy report with our Support team.