How Do I Contact My Hiring Manager?

How to find and contact the hiring manager for your job

All job postings, hiring decisions, and payment submissions are the responsibility of the hiring manager from the business partner that utilizes Jobble’s platform.

Please note: The hiring manager may be different from an on-site manager. All decisions (job rate, hours, pay) are ultimately made by the hiring manager.

You can only contact your manager once you've been hired for a job. 

Direct Contact Info

Once you’ve been hired for a job, you'll be sent an acceptance email titled: “You're Hired! Your Application Has Been Accepted.” In that email, you can find the direct contact information of your hiring manager (typically full name, email and phone number).

Contact the Success and Support Team

If you have tried to contact your hiring manager with their Direct Contact Info with no success, you can also submit a help ticket with our Success and Support Team.

To do this, you can send an email to