How long does it take to get hired?

Understanding the hiring process

We know that you’re hoping for a quick response right after you click ‘Submit’ on your job application. While we appreciate your eagerness, we want to take this opportunity to explain the hiring process and what that means for you.

When does a job get posted?

Our business partners post a job as soon as they are aware of their needs. Some post jobs weeks in advance, while others may post for last minute shifts that they need to fill quickly. Our goal is to have our business partners post at least 2 days before the shift starts so you have time to review the job post and apply if you’re interested.

What happens after I submit an application?

When you apply to a job post, we send an alert to the hiring manager letting them know they have an applicant for their job. Each hiring manager operates differently once they receive applicants. Some hire right away while others may let a pool of candidates build up before they make their choices.

How long does it take for them to review my application and hire me?

Unfortunately, there is no magic number. You will receive several notifications (email, push and app notifications) if you are hired and selected to work.

If you do not receive any notifications that you have been hired, it means your application is still being reviewed and is still in the pool. Some businesses will keep your application just in case another Jobbler quits.

What if I change my mind while my application is being reviewed?

If you have submitted an application and are no longer available or interested in working, you can withdraw your application with no penalty.