How does the Jobble platform work?

Everything you need to know about Jobble's platform.

Jobble is the all-in-one staffing solution that simplifies the hiring, management, and payment of flexible workers. We provide businesses access to over 5 million gig workers across the United States with no contracts, no upfront fees or minimums.

What makes Jobble different

We offer a transparent hiring solution that streamlines the onboarding experience, ensuring that 90% of shifts are guaranteed to be filled in 24 hours or less. When you post a job on our platform, you'll gain access to a pool of thousands of on-demand workers, and a simple, straightforward hiring process.

Evaluating candidates

You can view profiles with bios, ratings, past jobs completed, and skills, allowing you to evaluate candidates in the way that works best for you, whether it's via profile match or an interview. You can also communicate directly with Jobblers on your team, both past and present.

Popular time-saving features

Jobble includes a handful of popular features, all designed to save you time and money:

  • Tag your favorite Jobblers for quick staffing on future shifts.
  • Schedule job posts in advance.
  • Reduce no-shows with automated over-hiring.
  • Post exclusive shifts for your favorite Jobblers.
  • Share opportunities quickly with custom job templates.


Our solution makes payments easy, secure, and accurate. You'll only be charged for the hours you approve, and with weekly invoicing, you'll only pay once per week. You can transfer money securely via direct deposit, and even give spot bonuses and/or bulk pay multiple workers.

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