Can I work

Yes! And here's why.

Do I need to be hired through the Jobble app to work a job?

Yes! Hiring, confirming, checking in, checking out, and getting paid are all steps that occur through the Jobble app. It is required that you complete these to receive payment.

Once you are hired, you will have access to all of the shift information you need in the Jobble app. When it’s time to work, you must check in and check out on the Jobble app. Failure to do so will result in removal from the job.

When the job is over, you will receive your payment via direct deposit. When payment is initiated, you will see it reflected in the app and you will also receive an email notification.

What if I am not hired for the job? Can I still work?

No. If you are not hired through the app, you are not on that job’s roster and are not eligible to work. Only shifts worked though our platform can receive payment.

By being a Jobbler and using the Jobble platform, you are required to follow the proper application, hiring, and work process. You must submit an application and be hired to work a shift and receive payment.

If a company asks you to work a shift that you are not scheduled for on the app, please notify immediately.