Why does Jobble background check?

Jobble uses background checks to create a safer working environment, ensuring that Jobblers meet our hiring standards. This helps increase the security and reliability of our platform, in line with our mission to offer dependable on-demand staffing platforms.

What we check for:

All background checks are run by our third party provider, Sterling. We have kept this process as simple as possible by integrating it into our onboarding. 

We check:

- Social security number validation

- Criminal history report

- Registry on the National Sex Offender database

- Registry on the Global Watchlist Search

What jobs require a background check?

Any job labeled Jobble Gig requires a background check.

When will a background check run?

Your background check will run when you accept your first offer on Jobble. 

How long does a background check take?

While many reports can be returned within minutes, some background checks can take several weeks to process.

How can I check the status of my background check?

We will notify you when your background check has been submitted and when it completes. If you need to take action on it, Sterling may send you additional updates. You can contact Sterling to check on the status of your check.

How long is my background check valid for?

Your background check is valid for 12 months. If you passed your background check, you will be prompted to renew once it has expired. If you did not pass, you will be able to submit another background check in 12 months. 

What happens if I fail my background check?

You will be ineligible to work Jobble Gigs on our platform. A valid background check is required for these specific jobs. However, you can reapply to Jobble Gigs and run another background check after 12 months.