After I've been hired, what should I do?

How to prepare for your upcoming job.

How You Know You’re Hired

You know you’re hired when you receive an email titled, “Application Status: Hired!” This email will contain all of the important information for the shift you were hired for, including: the Company, Job Name, Address, Start Date and Rate.

As soon as you receive the “Application Status: Hired!” email, you should review all of the job details and make sure this is a job you are still able and willing to work. 

Confirm Your Attendance

Once you’ve reviewed the shift details and have a plan for getting yourself to work on time, it is important that you confirm the shift on the Jobble app. This is crucial because it alerts the hiring manager that you are ready to work.

If you do not confirm before the shift starts, you may be removed from the roster and not allowed to work.

Keep Track of Shift Dates and Times

Now that you’re hired, make sure you make note of all the shift dates and times. We recommend using a calendar (physical or a digital version like Google Calendar) so you can keep track of your shifts and other obligations. You are expected to attend all shift dates and times listed in the Jobble description.

Plan Your Commute

We highly recommend that you use a tool like Google Maps to find out how long it’ll take you to get to the job site. Make sure you consider these factors when you plan your trip:

  • What mode of transportation you’re using (driving means traffic, whereas buses and trains operate on schedules)

  • The time takes you to get ready & out the door (give yourself some extra time before the shift so you don’t rush)

  • Arrive at the job site with time to spare (we recommend aiming to arrive 15 minutes early to your shift so you can find the job site and your manager)

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