Do wage laws apply to Jobblers?

What you need to know as a Jobbler and independent contractor

States often implement minimum wage increases at the beginning of a calendar year, but how do these changes affect an independent contractor? Unfortunately, minimum wage laws only apply to employees, and do not cover independent contractors. As a Jobbler, you take work as an independent contractor.

It’s also important to note, that while you are able to use Jobble’s platform in order to find contract work, the hiring company themselves set and post the rates in the job descriptions. Because you are an independent contractor taking work at the posted hourly rate, minimum wage laws (state and federal) do not apply. When you sign the Jobble platform Terms of Service, you acknowledge that you are applying for and accepting a job at the posted rate of pay.

For these reasons, our hiring partners have no obligation to meet the minimum wage standards for any shifts posted on Jobble’s platform.

Additionally, overtime typically does not apply for individuals who work as an independent contractor. When you work through Jobble, you're working as an independent contractor, and not an employee. 

We're not legal experts, so we recommend you take a look at your federal and state laws independently. 

(Note: This resource covers minimum wage for employer/employee relationships. As a Jobbler, you are an independent contractor who does not have an employer/employee relationship with Jobble or a company that hires you through the Jobble platform.)