How to Plan Your Travel to the Job Site

What to consider to get yourself on-site on time.

When you’re hired, you can view the job site details by viewing the job in your app.

You will see the street address at the top of the job post. You also have the option to click “View Location.” This will open a map where you can view the job site.

We highly recommend that you use a tool like Google Maps to find out how long it’ll take you to get to the job site. When you plan your travel, make sure you are navigating from your home (or where you will begin your commute) to the job site address in the job post.

We also recommend that you utilize the feature on Google Maps that allows you to change from "Leave Now" to "Arrive By." This lets you enter the date and time of your shift and account for predicted traffic at that time.

It is a best practice to arrive at the job site 15 minutes before the shift starts. This will give you ample time to park, enter the job site and locate your hiring manager. It also gives you some wiggle room if you leave your home late, encounter any traffic, or get lost when you arrive on-site.

If you utilize public transportation, it is better to opt for a train or bus that gets you to work a little early than to choose one that could make you late if there is a delay.