How do I link my indi® for Jobblers card to my Jobble account?

Link your indi® for Jobblers card for instant deposits from Jobble jobs.

Once you're approved for an indi for Jobblers card, link it to your Jobble app so you can receive instant deposits from Jobble jobs! If you don't have the card yet, apply today to enjoy smart digital banking for independent workers.

How to Link Your indi for Jobblers card

1. Open your Jobble app.

2. Go to your Profile by clicking to the Menu in the top right of the app. Click Banking.

3. If you've been approved for an indi for Jobblers under the same email address as your Jobble account, you'll see your indi card and a button with the option to click: "Link as Payment Method."

4. Now that your indi for Jobblers account has been linked to your Jobble account, you will receive instant deposits from the Jobble jobs you work!