Posting a Job

Post A Week Before Each Shift


When to Post

We recommend posting your job a week before it starts. A week or more will give ample time for both your team and Jobble to source and hire the right candidates for the job.

What to Post

A single post can be made up of multiple shifts. While it can be easier to post for an individual day, it is best to include all shifts for a given week in your Jobble post. This post can be cloned later on to streamline the process. 

We recommend posting at a $15 hourly rate (or above) when possible. Jobble is a marketplace and being competitive will help to attract applicants. When selecting a rate, it is also important to consider your post location and industry you are hiring for.

Last Minute Needs

If you have a last minute need, we recommend giving yourself at least 72 hours lead time. If you do have a short turn-around time, please reach out to one of our team members at success@jobble.com. They will make sure your post gets the attention it needs.

Optimizing Your Post

Non Binary

(Over) Hiring


The earlier you begin to hire, the better. Jobblers receive in-app confirmations 3 days before a shift starts. Hiring before the 3 day window gives the Jobblers more time to confirm so you have an accurate idea of who will show up on-site.

We typically recommend over-hiring by 40% to account for potential no shows or cancellations. Over-hiring can help make sure you're successful when you first start posting.

As you build up a team of Jobblers and a reputation within our community, your team will become more reliable over time. This will allow you to over-hire less, if not eliminate it all together. Why Over-Hire



Confirm and communicate job information


A group notice board is created within each job when you hire your first Jobbler.  This is a great place to send updates about the job or to answer any questions that the Jobblers may have.

Best Practices for Communication
- Introduce yourself 
- Provide information for the onsite point of contact 
- Let the Jobblers know how to check in
- Keep an eye out for questions
- Notify your team of any changes

Jobblers are confirmed through an automated process within their app. This starts 3 days before a shift begins. Communicating with your Jobblers directly also helps keep them engaged and more likely to work.

If Jobblers have any questions they will be reaching out through the in-app chat. We recommend keeping communications on the Jobble platform to ensure the whole team has access to the same information. 

Understanding the  Confirmation Process


Payment Timeline

Pay within 5 business days


Payments should be initiated within 5 business days from the last shift of a job post.

Having a standard timeline helps set expectations with your Jobbler community. Many businesses have great success with selecting a scheduled day each week to make payments.

When making payments, you can also leave a rating or review of your Jobblers. This is not required but it is recommended. Businesses can see ratings and reviews when hiring, which helps in the worker selection process.

Why Payments Matter

Jobble Payment Timeline


We're here to help.

Jobble is here to facilitate healthy and successful relationships between Jobblers and local hiring companies. We have dedicated team members that are available to provide support and guidance throughout your Jobble journey.

Please reach out to our Customer Success Team if you have any questions or concerns.